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Antidote is a skill available to players of the healer class.


  • Game Description: Cure the poisoned party members in the screen.
  • Actual Description: Cures all party members in the screen of poison.

General informationEdit

This skill curses all poisoning inflicted ailments teammates within the area around you. Its use is limited in curing poisoning and the only potent poisoning is in episode 4. It is possible to go throughout the stage without this skill.

Stage usageEdit

Suggested at 0, little use.

PvP usageEdit

Suggested at 0, little use. Also tias can repoison and limes can also repoison after usage of this skill.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse
Eir heal antidote Antidote 1.5 second 1 second 20 seconds
Cure the poisoned party members in the screen.
Skill Level Level Required Range MP Consumed
1 10 50 29
2 16 60 43
3 22 70 58
4 28 75 75