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Game Description: Shoot a Bead of Healing towards party members.

Actual Description: Shoots up to 2 auto-targeting beads towards members of your party. They may diverge at any point to stalk different members.

General InformationEdit

  • Beads are best shot off to the side, rather than directly at the party member of choice.
  • They are great for massive heals and do have a small AoE effect.
  • Beads of Healing cannot be canceled at all, leaving you vulnerable for a short period.
  • Beads of Healing can fake-res a member of your party if someone else stands over the member and grabs the beads.

Shoots a bead that heals within a minuscule radius during contact with a party member. At level two or higher it shoots two beads which makes it a plausible way to provide remedy to distant party members whom are in a dangerous environment (ie : bosses). It should be used as a secondary skill rather than a primary healing skill. It is also homing, which means that it travels to the teammate, however more often than not, inexperienced players may find themselves running away at it because they misjudge it as an attack from an enemy.

PvP or a.k.a battle healers have no use for this as they do not heal others plus it is an ineffective method to heal themselves.

Stage UsageEdit

Suggested at max or 0.

It is often used during boss battles and in between small battles in the stage. The best part of Beads of Healing is their range. Usually for a high amount of hp recovery, Eir must stand closer with Light of Healing, however Beads of Healing allows for massive hp recovery with little or no danger to the caster.

PvP UsageEdit

Often it is not used in PvP because of the fact that it is uncancelable, leaving the caster exposed to an assortment of painful attacks. However, if the caster has just finished killing his or her opponent, these beads may be shot off to randomly heal a party member. It's important to note, however, that most PvP builds do not include Beads of Healing.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Number of Spheres Range
Eir heal bead Bead of Healing 1.5 second 0.67 second 7 seconds 1 bead at Lv1,
2 beads at Lv2+
Shoot a Bead of Healing towards one party member.
Skill Level Level Required HP Healed MP Consumed Induction Rate
1 6 42 28 45
2 13 77 51 50
3 20 110 74 55
4 27 150 100 60
5 34 191 128 65
6 41 231 154 65
7 48 272 182 65
8 55 312 208 65
9 62 350 236 65
10 69 537 268 65