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Counter Attack is a skill available to players of the knight class.


Game Description: Deliver a counterattack when the opponent attacks you. The opponent will be pushed back after your counterattack.

Actual Description: Sieg puts his sword out in front of him to use as a shield.

Colloquial names: counter

  • Number of hits: Depends on whether the knight is hit by a physical blow in the skill's duration.
  • Properties:
    • Knocks back on hits the way the user is facing (if the user's back is to the opponent, they will be vacuumed to the user)
    • Dash cancelable (forwards and backwards only)
    • Counters skills that are still connected to the hitbox of the enemy who used it. Example: Kreig's Fire Crush and Disturbance, along with all his other skills, even though they are elemental. Cannot counter arrows.

General informationEdit

As the name implies, counter is used to counter attacks. use it right before an attack hits and the perputrator will be knocked back and take some damage (unless it's something that can't be knocked back, in which case only the latter applies). Special note: The cooldown time goes down drastically with each point, down to 20 seconds between uses at level 5.

Stage usageEdit

Counter is one of two ways a knight can avoid an otherwise unavoidable attack (e.g. Rotem's full screen attack). It can be used to get away from swarm situations with its knockback effect. In the case of a monster with an attack that hits multiple times in rapid succession (Kanhel's spin attack for example), counter can be used offensively to deal a fair bit of damage.

PvP usageEdit

Counter can be used to stop the offensive of your opponent, render a potentially devastating attack void (i.e. d-fist), or to, well, counterattack. The knockback animation of a player character prevents them from doing anything in that interval, and since counter can be dash canceled, it can therefore be used to initiate attacks as well as stop them. Counter may only be used to block physical attacks. Timed right, it can also stop a Sieg's Provoke, Thunder Sound, or stop any class from using their A wake up attack.

Player opinionEdit

Some players just can't get the timing for it, and so puts 0 points. Some will put one point into it for the option to counter. And most pvp knights will max it to capitalize on its cooldown reduction.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Counterattack 1.83 Sec 0.1 Sec 60 Sec none
Deliver a counterattack when the opponent attacks you. The opponent will collapse after your counterattack.
Skill Level Level Required Counterattack MP Consumed
1 16 64 26
2 22 85 34
3 28 107 43
4 34 130 52
5 40 155 62