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Crosscut is a skill available to players of the knight class.

Video Edit


Game Description: Rapidly wield your sword twice to deliver blows to the opponent.

Actual Description: Sieg raises his sword over his head, and delivers two swift slashes in front of him.

Colloquial names: x-cut, cc.

  • Number of hits: 2
  • Properties:
    • Knocks down
    • Raises air time
    • Cancelable after two slashes by walking, or space

General informationEdit

Cross cut is one of the two elementary comboing skills, the other being Kicking. As the classification implies, Cross cut will be a very common sight in combos. Its short cooldown time, low mana cost, relatively fast cast rate, combined with the ability to cancel out of the skill, makes Cross cut absolutely ideal for starting and continuing combos.

Stage usageEdit

Use of cross cut along with other skills can make for very lengthy and powerful combos that can rip out large chucks of even the toughest monster's life bar.

PvP usageEdit

Cross cut is generally used to either knock an opponent with 0 hp down for a kill, or to initiate/extend a combo.

Player opinionEdit

If you don't have at least one point into cross cut, you won't be considered a knight. Every knight should put at least one point into this skill for combos. Some might consider it worthwhile to put a few more points into it, as the damage increase is moderately good.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Sieg Strike Cross Cut Cross Cut 1.43 Sec 0.4 Sec 12 Sec 31
Rapidly wield your sword twice to deliver blow to the opponent. Possible to cancel with space after first or second slash.
Skill Level Level Required Damage MP Consumed
1 2 13~15 12
2 9 29~33 27
3 16 47~53 43
4 23 66~74 59
5 30 87~97 77
6 37 107~119 95
7 44 127~142 113
8 51 148~165 132
9 58 169~188 150
10 65 192~214 171
11 72 259~288 192
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