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Wizard Skills
Ice Ice Arrow
Icicle rain
Cold Blue Dragon
Ice Pillar
Ice Barrier
Bitter Cold Breath

Fire Fire Bomb
Fire Orb
Ocean Of Fire
Fire Dragon's Heart
Rain Of Fire
Red Fire Dragon
Death Dragon's Breath

Earth Fury Of Land
Hand Of Earth
Summon Rock
Land Giant's Fist
Pillar Of Abyss
Summon Meteors

Bless Mana Increase
Fire Resistance
Cold Resistance
Land Resistance

Ability Mana Recovery
Mana Increase
Deadly Magic Blow
Increase Health


General informationEdit

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name
Dainn ability DeadlyMagicBlow Deadly Magic Blow
Increases the chance of critical with magic attacks.
Skill Level Level Required Motion Percentage
1 14 2%
2 20 3%
3 26 5%
4 32 5%
5 38 7%
6 44 7%
7 50 9%
8 56 10%