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Use Google - click below on link and type searched phrase betwen quotation marks (" and "):

  • Lunia Wiki: - for example: "Stone of Lava"
  • Ijji Forum: - for example: Lunia "Stone of Lava"
  • MyMMMOGames Forum: - for example: Lunia "Stone of Lava"

"Stone of Lava" = searched phrase


Fast and big EXPEdit

Fast and big moneyEdit

  • Method #1: Skull Rock, read more: Hints -> Fast Money
  • Method #2: use Personal Shop (Cash Shop item) and leave your character at the Square 1 for all night (first change graphic of Lunia on Low Spec, minimalize game and turn off your monitor. (Warning: Use this hint only for your own risk). Make sure your internet connection can handle at least 8 hours of constant internet network activity.
  • Method #3: use Forum Market

How can I block/unblock other users?Edit

  • You can block users by typing /s Username
  • You can unblock users by typing /u Username

Note: Names entered are case sensitive

Colored text in chatEdit

Command Alternative command Description
/v TEXT /sell TEXT Dark blue color
/b TEXT /buy TEXT Violet color

Window mode [F12]Edit

  • You can use F12 button for windowed mode.

Can I see parties in other squares?Edit

  • Yes. All squares = 1 server

How to kill small turtles and snakes?Edit

  • Use space bar (default down attack button) to kill small turtles and snakes (otherwise they can stun or poison you for a duration of time)
  • Default key: [Space]

Who can heal party members?Edit

  • Eir (Healer) - Lv 2+
  • Sieg (Knight) - Lv 29+
  • Lime (Combat Slime) - Lv 8+
  • Krieg (Paladin) -?

Where can I find Dimly Shining Jewel, Fortification Stone & Catalyst?Edit

Can be obtained from loose boxes, extracting items, and as a reward for completing a stage.

Can be obtained from loose boxes, extracting items, and as a reward for completing a stage.

Can be obtained from loose boxes, extracting items, and choosing the bonus box on the right upon completing a stage, and crafting.

Can be obtained from loose boxes(starting from Ep.4 Legend), extracting dimly shining items, choosing the bonus box on the right upon completing a stage (starting from Ep. 4 Legend), and crafting.

Can be obtained from choosing the bonus box on the right upon completing a stage (starting from Ep. 5 Legend), and crafting

Can be obtained from crafting.

Upgrading of weapon & armourEdit

There are 3 types of upgrading:

  • 1. Fortification
  • 2. Light Fortification
  • 3. Grading
  • 4. Pirate Fortification

(Green, blue & orange stats of weapon & armour)Edit

(Lighting of weapon or armour)Edit

Name Needed Weapon Armour Accessory Where
Fortification Fortification Stones + Catalysts yes yes yes Blacksmith Shop
Light Fortification Dimly/Shining/Brightly/Cold Shining Jewels + Catalysts yes yes yes Blacksmith Shop
Grading Small Fee of Gold/Silver/Bronze yes yes yes Laboratory

  • 1. Fortification

You can upgrade weapon and armour (you can't upgrade accessory item like ring, earing, etc.)
Safe zone is +1 ~ +3 (Where catalysts are most unnecessary and equipment is highly unlikely to break)
Upgrade to +4 ~ +15 only if you have 2 items with similar stats. If 1 of them will be destroyed then upgrade second item to +3
Catalysts increase the likelihood of success. A maximum of 20 can be used at a time.
WARNING: +1, +2 & +3 can destroy your weapon/armour but risk is very insignificant (0.01%~0.1%).

Upgrade Catalysts Description -1 0 +1 Destroyed
+1 0 Safe zone (Catalysts are unnecessary) - - yes no
+2 0 Insignificant (Catalysts are unnecessary) - yes yes no
+3 0 Insignificant (Catalysts are unnecessary) yes yes yes no
+4 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes no
+5 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes no
+6 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes no
+7 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+8 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+9 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+10 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+11 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+12 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+13 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+14 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes
+15 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes

  • 2. Light Fortification
Upgrade Catalysts Description -1 0 +1 Destroyed Stat Bonus
Dimly 20 Item can be destroyed - yes yes yes ~
Dimly Shining 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes ~
Brightly Shining 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes ~
Coldly Shining 20 Item can be destroyed yes yes yes yes ~

Note: Upon Shining and Cold Shining an item, it will receive a second and third grade respectively (if it is already graded).

  • 3. Grading

Results vary depending on the level requirement of the item and can be either positive or negative: MaxHP MaxMP DEF ATK DMG (Melee) STR DEX INT VIT Magic Resistance

The formula for determining the Max STR, DEX, INT, VIT, or ATK DMG is (Item Level) / 5. Round up to the nearest whole number.


Extracting is the process of demolishing a weapon and/or armour for catalysts, fortification stones or dimly shining jewels which can be used to help fortify other weapons and/or armour. Players usually extract weapons or armour that is useless to themselves or non-resellable/hard-to-sell or previously used in order to profit or to fortify equipment. Extracting can be done at the blacksmith

Blacksmith Icy

Blacksmith during winter

Benefits of extracting

  • You may earn dimlies which can be used for light fortification or profiting
  • More inventory space to store other items
  • Fortification stones to sell or to be used to improve the stats of a piece of equipment
  • Catalysts to improve the chance of successfulness in fortification or to sell

Stone of RestorationEdit

(My weapon is destroyed. How to fix it?)Edit

You may buy one of these stones at the Cash Shop [1].
These restoration stones are used for items of a certain level, and restore the item to its state prior to breaking. It will keep its fortification, light fortification, and grades. CSRestoration

A restore stone can also be created through crafting. These restore stones work for any item, however once restored the item will lose all fortification and light fortification. It retains its original grade.

To use these restore stones, go to the blacksmith and press the restoration tab. Place the item you wish to restore in the one of the boxes and the restore stone in the other. A very small fee (~1G) is required to complete this process.


Reagents for skillsEdit

Reagents for Tia & DacyEdit


  • Used to use shurikens, however these were removed from the game.


These regeants are named 'Spool' and 'Needle' which can be bought in bundles.
Icon 22441375

  • Price :

Icon 22441374

  • Price :

Weapon & armour for LimeEdit

Where can I find Letter 'T'?Edit

The letter "T" can only be obtained through fishing during the 12 foot tall event period. The Old Fisherman at the center of the square will rent you a fishing rod and give you some bait if you complete his quest.


The best stages for farming...Edit

Monsters for questsEdit

Voucher of AppreciationEdit

How to unlock...?Edit

How to unlock [Ep2H] Yeti Cave?Edit

Reach Level 20


Defeat the boss of 2-10H

How to unlock [Ep2L] Kanhel's Ruins?Edit

How to unlock [Ep3H] Secret Base of Cobolt?Edit


Boss of [Ep3H] Stone Wind Rock HillEdit

Boss of [Ep4H] Shadowy ForestEdit

Boss of [Ep4H] Confusion SwampEdit

Bosses of [Ep1L] Orc Advance BaseEdit

Hidden stagesEdit

[Ep3] Deserted Desert: (Red Stone Fog Valley -> Red Sand Oasis)Edit

[Ep3H] Deserted Desert: (Entrance of Sharp Thorn Desert -> Thorny Den)Edit

[Ep4] Skull Rock: (Entrance to Skull Rock -> Map Piece of Hidden Treasures)Edit

[Ep4] Skull Rock: (Entrance to Skull Rock -> Map Piece of Hidden Treasures -> Legendary Pirate King)Edit

[Ep4] Skull Rock: (Entrance to Skull Rock -> Pirate King Roger's Grave)Edit


Fake keysEdit

Real keysEdit

Cash Shop keysEdit

Cash ShopEdit

I can't enter to Pumpkin Graveyard & Black ForestEdit

About Cash ShopEdit

25 polks for freeEdit

For a limited time, 12FT Tall is offering 25 polks to verified registered members in order to encourage spending in the cash shop.

Where are my free polks?Edit

If the polks aren't processed, it is most likely that either you did not receive the verification for your e-mail because your e-mail provider has blocked the e-mail from being received, or this offer has stopped.

Personal StoreEdit


Maze at Stage 2-7Edit

Stage 3-9Edit

Maze at Stage 4-9Edit

How to unlock Legend?Edit

To unlock legend maps you need to kill Daru (3-10 boss).


Medals for upgrade guild (1-10H farm)Edit

Guild medals can be obtained by completing guild medal quests, which can be used to upgrade the guild for additional capacity of guild members and/or extra guild emblem privledges along with guild name colour. Some people prefer to sell the guild medals. Additionally, 1-10H is farmed for guild medals, as it is less time consuming than other bosses, and therefore more efficient and logical to farm on rather than 3-10H. This stage is particularly easy to farm because of the tabletstone that teleports the entire party right before the boss, in which, high-level users can effectively defeat the 3 sub-bosses and move on without effort. This offer has now stopped since Lunia transferred to Ijji. (If you did get your 25 polks, they are transferred into 3 g coins now.)


Stone teleporting to boss at Stage 1-10 (History)Edit

This stone used to be acquired in a quest in 1-10 history for characters below level 10. However, this quest was removed and this item is no longer obtainable.

Event questsEdit

Golden StarEdit

MOUNTAIN quest (letters M O U N T A I)Edit

  • M = x-3, x-4
  • O = x-5, x-6
  • U = x-7
  • N = x-8
  • A = x-9
  • I = x-10
  • N = x-8

This isn't availabe anymore since this was a 12foottall quest and Lunia transferred to Ijji.

Weapon from Shadowy ForestEdit

Sword Knight Shadowy Forest

  • quest from [Ep4H] Shadowy Forest: 18 x Ruby -> 1 weapon (34lvl+)
  • Rare Box -> 1 weapon (34lvl+)


Rare crystals: Blue Sapphire, Amber, Ruby, Black Crystal, SapphireEdit

  • Amber
  • Ruby

  • Zircon
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Amber
  • Ruby
  • Black Crystal
  • Sapphire
  • ToddMarin
  • Emerald
  • Diamond

Unidentified Crystals 1-90Edit

Old CoinsEdit

Old Coins are mainly for selling. They come in Copper, Silver, and Gold. However, most of them share the same name, so the only way to tell them apart is the color. One can obtain these from either stage rewards or treasure boxes.


Old Coin - sells for 1C. (only given as a stage reward; can be used to complete title quests for "Hard Luck" and "Doomed".)

Old Coin - sells for 5C.

Old Coin - sells for 10C.

Old Coin - sells for 20C.

Old Coin - sells for 50C.


Old Coin - sells for 1S.

Old Coin - sells for 5S.

Old Coin - sells for 10S.

Old Silver Coin - sells for 20S.

Old Coin - sells for 50S.


Old Coin - sells for 1G.

Old Gold Coin - sells for 1-5G. (obtained from Star Coin Boxes)

Voucher of AppreciationEdit

Vouchers of Appreciation are earned by completing quests and can be redeemed for prizes from NPCs.

Currently, you may redeem them for potions and reagents by obtaining "quests" from Parne, in the north-west side of the square.

Technical problemsEdit

I can't moveEdit

This either happens because of the following :

  • Reasons
    1. You are disconnected.
    2. Lag or router unstablization extremely delays packets.
    3. A glitch which causes you to be malformed as a NPC.
    4. A quest dialogue box that requires you to pay attention of what is going on.
    5. During the stage, the dialogue of the characters locks you for awhile.
    6. You are stuck between the boundaries of two walls.
    7. Your keyboard movement arrows are jammed due to the humidity.
    8. Your movement is blocked before you enter a stage (your fishing).
  • Remedy (help)
    1. If you are disconnected, relogin. If failed, check your router/modem/ISP or if the server is down.
    2. Try resetting your router or get a stronger wireless router, or check if the weather is intervening with your Internet service.
    3. Relogin, if you get this glitch.
    4. Click X at the top right hand corner of the box, or click cancel/ok on the quest.
    5. This is natural, just wait until the dialogue is gone.
    6. If this happens, relogin.
    7. Change keybord.
    8. Restart client.

I can't loginEdit

Contact a GM.

Game don't workEdit

*Try using the repair option on the ijji reactor start-up
  • - If you have mods, the repair will automatically break them
  • Try to patch the game
  • Reinstall the game

I have only 256 MB RAMEdit

  • Upgrade your RAM to 512MB at minimum.
  • Set your graphics to minimal settings. (note this may lag even more in some cases)
  • Close all applications except lunia.
  • Stop all unnecessary services.
  • Get a faster processor.
  • Increase your cache memory to 1GB-2GB.
  • Defragment every 2 weeks with SmartDefrag or other third-party defragmentation software
  • Optimize your computer with free computer utilities such as Tuneup Utilities

(Windows 98)Edit

The best solution is to upgrade your OS to Windows XP/Vista/Mac.

(Long loading of the stage (1-3 min))Edit

This usually happens when you first logged in because the data is not yet processed, after awhile, when you load once to any stage/pvp, the loading will take less time. This may also happen if there are memory leaks where if you leave your computer for a long period of time, this happens. Or if your internet connection is unstable or if your computer has sluggish memory.


Lag is generally based on your distance away from the home server of Lunia, in this case Ijji.

Since TFT, the server has moved 2450 miles west, thus users on the east coast may be experiencing more lag.
There is little you can do to fix this.
However, there is a different brand of lag that has everything to do with your computer.
Not meeting the minimum requirements, or barely meeting the minimum requirements may result in lag.
Somme solutions you can try to fix this are changing your computer's algorithm if you're on a faster
computer. Note, if you change your algorithm, Lunia will take all your CPU, so other programs run
slower or not at all. Visit this page
I have this current algorithm on my computer so it does work. However, if you want to stay on the safe side
I suggest you don't do it as a first attempt.
Another thing you can do is reduce your quality of game. Upon the Lunia patcher screen there is a button that says
options. Press that and switch it to lowest.
Another cause of lag is simply too many programs open. On your quick start menu, bottom right of your screen,
some programs may be open that you're not even aware of. You can right click the icons and close them. Along with
that you can close any other programs you have open.
Good luck.