Fishing areas

How to FishEdit

1. To start fishing you must buy a fishing rod and bait at the Accessory Shop
2. Be facing towards a body of water with a fishing rod and bait
3. Add Fishing Rod to Weapon slot (Cash Item card)
4. Click right mouse button on Fishing Rod


5. Baits will be automaticly used in the order they are in your inventory


You can change number of baits from 1 to 5


You can see list of catched fish in the windows:
My Fishing Net - your fish


Fishing Status Board - fish of all players


Additionally since a update you can now fish any where, if there is any water e.g. Luna Park, 5-10History, Legend or the new fishing event which runs every three days

Fishing RodEdit

Fishing rods vary in degree and are tradable, higher degree rods allows for catching rarer fish with an augmentation in level requirement. All rods can be purchased at the Potion shop. To obtain a higher degree rod, you must redeem fish to Fishing Master Hemingway (4th to 9th degree). The Elaborate Fishing Rod (1st to 3rd degree) can be obtained from the Merchandise Trader.

Name Level Rarest Catch Price Best Catch Icon
1st Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 1 Red Carp 1 silver Carp Red
2nd Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 11 Red Carp 10 silver Carp Red
3rd Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 21 Red Carp 1 gold Carp Red
4th Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 31 Five-Colored Carp 50x Carp Green Carp FiveColor
5th Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 41 Five-Colored Carp 85x Carp Green Carp FiveColor
6th Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 51 Five-Colored Carp 20x Carp Blue Carp FiveColor
7th Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 56 Gold Carp 35x Carp Blue Carp Gold
8th Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 61 Gold Carp 20x Carp Red Carp Gold
9th Degree Elaborate Fishing Rod 66 Gold Carp 10x Carp FiveColor Carp Gold
Master's Fishing Rod 66 Gold Carp 5x Carp Gold Carp Gold


The higher the quality of bait, the lower the duration between catches (of fish). Baits are stacked by 1000 per inventory slot. It is possible to use up to 3-5 bait at a time (the highest rods can use 5). Bait can easily be purchased from the Merchandise shop. Super Bait can be obtained from Royal Commemorative Box of Golden Carp. Note that the higher the quality of bait does not affect your chances of catching rarer fish.

Icon Name Duration Price (per 5 bait)
Cash Bait1 Lowest Grade Bait 60 Seconds (100c) 1 Silver
Cash Bait2 Low Bait 50 Seconds (250c) 2 Silver 50 Copper
Cash Bait3 Medium Level Bait 40 Seconds (500c) 5 Silver
Cash Bait4 High Bait 30 Seconds (1000c) 10 Silver
Cash Bait4 Super Bait 15 Seconds Not Sold

Fishing RewardsEdit

Quests from Fishing Master Hemingway, south of Square



(*) Box that contains stone of stats contains one the following : Cursed Stone, Magma Stone, and any other jewels.
(*) Rare Gold Box contains one of the following : Adamantium, Tantalunite, Ruthenium, or Scroll of Life.
(*) Ancient Magic Item Box contains either the following of Scroll of Resurrection or Scroll of Life or Scroll of Dragon Breath Fire or Black & White Catalyst, etc.
(*) Waltonian's Title is Untradable and for lvl 50+ only

Duran's QuestsEdit

Located north of the Square, Duran allows you to redeem 3 carp of a certain color for a single bead, some Gold, and 2 Duran's Restoration Potions. There are four quests that you can repeat daily, one for each colored bead. Collect your beads once a day if you can and redeem your beads anytime.

Quest Level Carp Redeemed Award
Obtain a blue bead Level 30+ 3 Brown Carp 2 Gold
1x Blue Bead
2x Duran's Restoration Potion
Obtain a red bead Level 40+ 3 Green Carp 3 Gold
1 Red Bead
2x Duran's Restoration Potion
Obtain a purple bead Level 50+ 3 Blue Carp 4 Gold
1 Purple Bead
2x Duran's Restoration Potion
Obtain a black bead Level 60+ 3 Red Carp 5 Gold
1 Black Bead
2x Duran's Restoration Potion

Bead Rewards1
Bead Rewards 22