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Healer Skills
Heal Heal
Light of Healing
Bead of Healing
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Moon Moonlight Piece
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Judgment of God

Sacred Price of Sacrifice
Holy Shout
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Holy Spirit
Sacred Wave

Bless Blessed Defense
Blessed Bravery
Life Extension
Light Shield

Ability Mana Recovery
Mind Concentration
Mana Increase
Increase Health
Deadly Magic Blow


Let out a roar that terrifies enemies into backing away.

General informationEdit

It's an AoE |Forward-Facing Low damage, and dash-cancelable.

Stage usageEdit

Not much use. Weak damage, however it does pushback.

PvP usageEdit

Combos. During an air combo --> AS Holy Shout -->AS is common. it can also be used against a wall in combination with -->AS and a shift to change directions. High functional.