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Shoot two waves of moonlight orbs that freeze opponent. There is a slight delay between the first and second wave.

General InformationEdit

Longest freezing time in the game, also the most effective freezing skill out of all due to the ability to cancel it with a backdash.

Stage UsageEdit

No real use.

However, it is crucial for Myth.

PvP UsageEdit

Max for the Sleep Bind combo.

Skill Data TableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range Shots
Moon Bind Moon Bind 3.5 seconds 0.31 second 60 seconds 160 10
Shoot a far ranging Moonlight Orb that immobilizes the opponents when struck.
Skill Level Level Required Damage Struck Duration MP Consumed
1 43 31 ~ 35 0.7 sec 119
2 46 33 ~ 37 1.2 sec 126
3 49 36 ~ 40 1.7 sec 135
4 52 37 ~ 42 2.2 sec 143