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Staying in one place while praying for 9 seconds.

General InformationEdit

A channeling heal skill which is composed of 9 waves that covers the same range as Sunlight of Healing. This skill required a moderately safe location from enemies where it is thereby possible to heal fighting party members without being hit. It is also skill cancelable.

Suggested at 0 or 1. Be advised that the healing augmentation stops at level 45

Stage UsageEdit

Suggested at 1 or 0 due to lack of HP healing and channeling.

PvP UsageEdit

Suggested at 1 if you are a Full Support healer because you can hide behind objects while party members die within the vicinity but they will be fake res'd.

Skill data tableEdit

Icon Name Duration Time Reuse Range
Eir heal prayer Prayer of Healing 11.77 seconds 1.87 second 60 seconds 70
Staying in one place while praying for 9 seconds.
Example: At level 1 - Heal for a total of 621 HP (69 HP per second for 9 seconds = 69 * 9 = 621).
Skill Level Level Required HP Healed HP Consumed MP Consumed
1 20 69 184 184
2 25 87 232 232
3 30 105 280 280
4 35 123 328 328
5 40 141 376 376
6 45 159 424 424

Note: This skill no longer uses hp