Stage-Select Name: Pumpkin Graveyard
Map Name: Pumpkin Soul Graveyard


Guide To EnteringEdit



Look out for traps, there are special pumpkins in areas that will trigger a trap that summons three pumpkins; one on top of the area, one in the middle of the area, and one on the lower area. They are hard to destroy so it is better to dodge them. It is impossible to see the difference in the two types of pumpkins in the lowest resolution. The trap pumpkin has a crooked smirk like a scary jack-O-lantern carved on halloween. Trap Pumpkin



*Pumpkin Head Ghost's Seal Box 100%

Found in the box is

*Big Unidentified Crystal 31%
*Pumpkin Head Ghost's Coat Craft Book 8%
*Pumpkin Head Ghost's Pants Craft Book 8%
*Pumpkin Head Ghost's Weapon Craft Book 8%
*Pumpkin Head Ghost's Item Box 40%
*Pumpkin with Shikan's Mark 5%

Boss InfoEdit

  • Pumpkin King Dumak can be weak to one of three things; that is elements such as Ice, Fire, and Earth, Elements such as Light, Curse, and Poison (note: The elements are in two different groups so don't expect them all six to work at once, and then Strength attacks such as Lime's Rolling Rolling Thud, Siegs Destruction Fist, dacy's Boink glove, and her A -> S -> S and A -> A -> S combo.
  • If he summons his giant pumpkin bomb the only way to survive is to light all eight lamps in the corner of the area. Invincible moves will help keep you STANDING however you will be reduced to zero health. It is uneeded however you can light half of the lanterns or most as long as you keep one off. (From personal experience in one round we activated the lamps and it took us longer than it should have)
  • Dumak has several attacks which includes summoning a broom, a candy cane cane, a sword, spreading candy (rare) and summoning his giant bomb. Watch out for the broom because it can turn you into a ghost. when you turn into a ghost you are basically useless; you can't use any skills, move slower, and damage speed is reduced. You can be cured with Light of Purification. If he chooses to stab you with any of his melee weapons you will fly across the room until you hit an enemy, wall, or the lanterns.