Reagents are items used needed to cast certain spells, complete certain quests, and craft certain items.

Reagents Edit

Spell Reagents Edit

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Icon Name
Icon 22441347 Winter Flower
Icon 22441342 Mountain Ginseng
Icon 22441345 Mandrake
Icon 22441344 Huckleberry
Icon 22441348 Fire Plant
Icon 22441343 Arrowroot
Icon 22441346 Black Pearl
Icon 22441349 Red Spider Rope
Icon 22441350 Jewel of Life

Jewel ReagentsEdit

Icon Name
Icon 22211369 Amber
Icon 22211367 Zircon
Icon 22211368 Blue Sapphire
Icon 22211374 Sapphire
Icon 22211373 Black Crystal
Icon 22211372 Ruby
Icon 22211375 ToddMarin
Icon 22211398 Diamond
Icon 22211397 Emerald

Fortification ReagentsEdit

Main article: Fortification Reagents

Obtaining Edit

  • While fighting monsters, a Reagent Box, containing a single Spell Reagent, may drop.

Hunting Grounds Edit

  • While in the Hunting Grounds, a mouse holding a tablet may appear. Defeat the mouse before it disappears to open a portal. The portal may lead to area with a large mob of monsters, a strong monster, coins and stars, or reagents.

Merchandise Shop Edit

A single spell reagent costs 30s, however a Jewel of Life costs 15g

Quests Edit