Map Snow Storm Valley

Snow Storm Valley

Stage-Select Name: Snow Storm Valley
Map Name: Snow Storm Valley


Consists of the main area (lower right corner) followed by 16 area.


The objective of this stage is simple; kill the boss. A step-by-step guide that's a staple to the stage guides won't be possible here, as simply, this is a random stage. This means that each time you enter, the stage randomly generates the location of the boss as well as some rocks blocking your paths. I will, however, give you some tips:

  1. Generally speaking, monsters in this map are the one you've encountered through the story.
  2. Don't try to remember the location of a boss. It changes each time.
  3. Once you go into an area, all exit remain closed until you've killed all the enemies.
  4. If you backtracked to an area where you've already cleared, you don't have to kill the mobs again.
  5. Those ice blocks might contain all sorts of potions including blessing potions (e.g. enhances your defence).


Giant Snowman
Giant Snowman
Type: Boss
Speed: Normal
Attacks: Melee / Ranged

The Angry Snowman! He didn't seem that happy in the story version anyway.

It's the same as the one on History Stage 2-1! Which means it's the Giant Snowman (here, it's also known as the Angry Snowman). For those to lazy to look at the 2-1 page I've copy the information here.

Giant Snowman

1. Broom Whack
A whack on your head with his broom. Minimal damages that can freeze you.

2. Frosty Spin
Oh gosh, This one hurts so don’t ever get hit in it. The Giant Snowman starts spinning and everyone that get caught in it gets hit several times. The last hit is a Knockdown if he starts jumping after the fourth hit.

3. Snowballs Throw
The Giant Snowman will throw five small snowballs in front of him. These snowballs will slow your movement down so careful.

4. Mega Snowballs
The Giant Snowman will roll 3 giant snowballs in front of him. This attack covers massive range (just look at how big the balls are). These snowballs will knock you down as well as causing big damage!

The strategy's the same as before. Except that the place is a little bit smaller than the first time. It shouldn't make that big of a difference though.