Stage Select Name: Ramancha Prairie

Stage 1-1

Stage 1-1: Travel to Ramancha

Map Name: Travel to Ramancha

Summary Edit

  • Stage Difficulty: 1/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 2/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 1~10 minutes
  • Requirements: N/A
  • Record: 1:04 ( 7-6-09)

Plot Summary: Dainn and Eir are journeying though the forest, looking for a magical leaf. Suddenly, Sieg drops down from the trees and surprises everyone. As they're all heading towards Ramancha Village, they decide to continue on together.

Monsters Edit

1-1H Monsters

Enemies Health
Hulking Sunflower 16 HP
Wolf 31 HP
Leader Wolf 42 HP
Orc Warrior 31 HP
Orc Axe Warrior 31 HP
Advanced Orc Axe Warrior 42 HP
Orc Mutu Scout (Boss) 94 HP


1. Start By going east. Along the way, you'll encounter groups of Wolves. Defeat them.

Going east encountering wolves (1-1H)

2. You will eventually come to a path heading north. Before going north, check the right-hand side of the path for secret #1

Nothern path (1-1H)

3. Heading up the north path, you'll counter more groups of Wolves and Leader Wolves. Defeat them as well.

Nothern encounter of wolves (1-1H)

4. At the end of the northern path, you will again head east. Here, you will encounter Wolves as well as Orc Warriors, Orc Axe Warriors, and Advanced Orc Warriors. Again, defeat them all. If you watch along the top of the screen, you will notice some fencing. The first occurrence of fencing wields secret #2. Following after secret #2, you will find a Hulking sunflower in the south. Search behind this monster to find the final secret #3

Orcs and wolves on the 2nd eastern path (1-1H)

5. Upon reaching the end of the eastern path, you will be confronted with the Boss (Orc Mutu Scout).

End of eastern path (1-1H)

Boss Edit

The Orc Mutu Scout is the first boss that you will face. He has 3 attacks total:

  • Leap and Smash: Most of the time, he will leap forward smashing the ground. Just move away from the area you were in and you should be fine.

Orc Mutu Scout (Leap and Smash)

  • Mutu Back-hand: He will take one step forward, do a spin and back-hand you. Keep your distance and stay away from his front.

Orc Mutu Scout (Backhand)

  • Elbow Thrust: Quickly, without warning, he will thrust his elbow forward. If it connects, you will be thrown back. Again, stay away from his front.

Orc Mutu Scout (Elbow)


  • If you are new to the game, even though its only the first stage you still need to be careful and not rush through, spending 10 minutes on you first ever try at a stage has no shame, don't worry you will get better.
  • Note: All secret chests have a chance to be a monster. When they're a normal chest, they'll open in one hit, and will drop loot for all members of your party. When it's a monster, it'll take one hit to despawn it and respawn a monster with the same graphic. Also, the monster will only drop one piece of loot, which isn't "member-bound," total.

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