Stage Select Name: Ramancha Village


Stage 1-2: The Invasion by Orcs

Map Name: The Invasion by Orcs


  • Stage Difficulty: 1/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 2/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 4-6 minutes
  • Requirements: Complete Stage 1-1 History (Travel to Ramancha)
  • Record: 3:41 (7-6-09)

Plot Summary: Sieg and company arrive in Ramancha and find a drunk Mr. Bradford and Lache. Sieg delivers his message to Mr. Bradford. With no time to rest, orcs attack the village. In order to protect the village, Sieg and company must get Mr. Bradford's magic book. This book is then stolen by the orcs. Bradford casts a spell that destroys the attacking forces, but is unable to regain the book. The book (written in a language only Lache can read) must be retrieved.


1-2 Monsters

Enemies Health
Orc Warrior 35 HP
Advanced Orc Warrior 45 HP
Highest Level Orc Warrior 80 HP
Orc Mutu Scout (Boss) 75 HP


1-2 NPC

Militia, Tower, Bradford, Lache


1. Head east into the town and meet with Lache. He'll enlighten you on the fact that there's a horde of orcs marching towards it.

Meeting with Lache (1-2H)

2. Go north with Lache and kill a number of enemies for 3 minutes.

Advancing north with Lache (1-2H)

3. When there is about 30 seconds left the boss will arrive.

Arrival of Boss (1-2H)

4. After the timer runs out, Bradford will destroy all the enemies and you will be teleported to the campfire.

Bradford destrys everything (1-2H)

*Note: There are no secrets in this stage.

*Note: You do not have to kill the boss. Bradford at the end of 3 minutes will kill everything.


You'll be fighting the Orc Mutu Scout again, but now he's level 2. He has 3 attacks total:

  • Leap and Smash: Most of the time, he will leap forward smashing the ground. Just move away from the area you were in and you should be fine.

Leap and smash (Boss) (1-2H)

  • Mutu Back-hand: He will take one step forward, do a spin and back-hand you. Keep your distance and stay away from his front.

Back-hand (boss) (1-2H)

  • Elbow Thrust: Quickly, without warning, he will thrust his elbow forward. If it connects, you will be thrown back. Again, stay away from his front.

Elbow Forward (1-2H)

All of these attacks can be avoid by just running. Its recommended not to attack his front side and just stay near his back. Hit and run also works well.


  • Getting a big frame rate problem, this is one of those stages where lots of activity is happening; History doesn't have much of these; Legend does.
    • If you enjoy doing combos, the framerate affects it a lot. If you are getting framerate issue, you might want to lower your settings a bit.
  • Don't wait for all the orcs to converge on Bradford; head into the frontlines and fight. Otherwise, chances of you failing the stage increases.

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