Stage 1-6: Emerging Darkness

Stage Select Name: Woody Forest
Map Name: Emerging Darkness


  • Stage Difficulty: 3/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 5/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 10~15 minutes
  • Requirements: Complete Stage 1-5 History (Dangerous Valley)
  • Record: 1:21 (7-21-09)

Plot Summary: Conversating over how the goblins have invaded the elven forest, Eir has a premonition. She see elves that have dark skin so the party concludes that the Dark Elves have escaped the imprisonment by the Lunian God Foriel. Jini then runs off...


Monsters 1-6H

Enemies Health
Hulking Sunflower 24 HP
Little Bear 49 HP
Wolf 49 HP
Black Bear 210 HP
Goblin Fighter 49 HP
Goblin Fire Bomber 49 HP
Mad Goblin Warrior of Dark Force (Boss) 420 HP


NPC's 1-6H

Jini, Tree Spirit, Life-Giving Water


1. Heading east past the rocks, Jini will spawn. Patiently follow Jini, killing anything that spawns.

Protecting Jini (1-6H)

2. Reaching a short southern path, you will need to defeat a Black Bear. Defeating this bear will allow Jini to converse with the Tree Spirit.

Tree Spirit Conversation (1-6H)

3. After the conversation, the eastern path will now open. Kill the goblins until you reached a Life-Giving Water.

Goblin Attack (1-6H)

4. Defend the Life-Giving Water against the groups of goblins and the boss will eventually spawn.

Life-Giving water Protect (1-6H)

*Note: There are no secrets in this stage.


Mad Goblin has 3 attacks:

  • Mace Attack: Rarely seen if you hit and run on him; it's hard to dodge if you're attacking him up close. He'll grunt and does a quick charge. Dodge back or off to the side. This attack is usually followed by the 2-Hit Combo.

Simple club attack (1-6H)

  • 2-Hit Combo: This attack can easily be seen. He grunts and does a fairly long charge. Dodging back would be pointless as he rushes forward on this attack. The last hit will give you enough time to put a combo on him.

2nd Attack 2-hit combo (1-6H)

  • Ground Fire: Leaning back a bit, he will cause a small AoE around him. If you are hit by this, you will be thrown a good amount of distance.

Ground Fire (1-6H)

*Note: Best strategy is to Hit and Run or use ranged attacks.


  • Jini can't last long by herself, stick close to her.
  • Get a good angle on the goblins attacking the life water before doing a skill.


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