Stage 1-7: Mushroom Forest

Stage Select Name: Mushroom Forest
Map Name: Mushroom Forest


  • Stage Difficulty: 2/10
  • Boss Difficulty 4/10
  • Party Requirement: Medium 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 5~15 minutes
  • Requirements: Complete Stage 1-6 History (Emerging Darkness)
  • Record: 5:54

Plot Summary: Attempting to help the poisoned Jini, the party decides to hunt mushrooms due to there natural healing power.


Monsters 1-7H

Enemies Health
Hulking Sunflower 26 HP
Wolf 52 HP
Leader Wolf 63 HP
Mushroom 52 HP
Giant Mushroom 115 HP
Spider 52 HP
Giant Mushroom (Boss) 450 HP

NPC's Edit

Fainted Jini

Fainted Jini


1. Heading up the long northern path, the first segment will contain wolves. Defeat them.

Area 1 Wolves (1-7H)

2. Continuing on, the second segment will contain mushrooms. Defeat them as well.

Area 2 Mushrooms (1-7H)

3. In this third area, you will have to defeat 3 Giant Mushrooms. After defeating them, talk to Jini.

Defeat 3 Giant Mushrooms (1-7H)

4. Follow the northeast path. You will find mushrooms and spiders here. Defeat everything and the boss will be at the end.

Area 4 Mushrooms and Spiders (1-7H)

*Note: There are no secrets in this stage.


This guy is annoying. The giant mushroom is basically a mushroom version of the Giant Slime. Anyways, stick to range in this one. All of the Giant's Mushrooms abilities are melee, so keep your distance. He has 2 attacks:

  • Headbutt: Lunging forward with Head, it will toss you back.

Headbutt (1-7H)

  • High Jump: Jumping extremely high into the air, this attack can hit going up as well as coming down. It also spawns a few mushrooms and it is possible to still hit him while he's in the air.

High Jump (1-7H)

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