Stage 1-8: To Elf Village

Stage Select Name: Elf Village
Map Name: To Elf Village

Summary Edit

  • Stage Difficulty: 6/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 5~30 minutes
  • Record: 3:15
  • Requirements: Complete Stage 1-7 History (Mushroom Forest)

Plot Summary: To enter Elf Village, the party must collect 3 different types of life potions. These are used to break the magic seal on the door.

Monsters Edit

Monsters 1-8H

Enemies Health
Hulking Sunflower28 HP
Little Bear56 HP
Violent Bear56 HP
Tree Spirit56 HP
Wolf56 HP
King of Wolves168 HP
Spider56 HP
Giant Spider240 HP
King of Tree Spirits480 HP

Guide Edit

1. Head north until you come to the first Hidden Bind Stone. In this first room, you will have to face bears. Clear the room, break the bind stone, and continue north.

Area 1 Bears (1-8H)

2. Again, head to the 2nd second. This time you will encounter wolves. Defeat them all, break the bind stone and head north once again.

Area 2 Wolves (1-8H)

3. you will encounter spiders this time around. Again, clear the room, break the bind stone, and head through the northern door.

Area 3 Spiders (1-8H)

4. Head up this short path to find the boss. Upon passing through the door, you will notice a stone-like symbol on the right side of the ground. Follow this to the right to find secret #1, the only secret in this stage.

Boss Attack (1-8H)

*Note: Yes, that is all there is to this stage.


This will be the first real boss fight you have encountered. Remove the normal Tree Spirits as fast as possible before concentrating on the King. After that, turn to face him. He's got only two moves, both are near-impossible to dodge, and will kill you in a few hits:

  • Twin Leaf Breath: Leaning back to charge, it will fire two gaseous like beams from either side of its mouth. If this attack connects, you will be juggled.

Twin Leaf Breath (1-8H)

  • Leaf Star: He will "swipe" a hand in front of him, releasing a wall of swirling leaves. This attack can do heavy damage as well as having a extremely long range. Avoid it if at all possible.

Lear Star (1-8H)

There's two possible ways of fighting this guy. The first, more known way, is to hit-and-run. Run at the King until it's in range of your skills, spam all of them, then run away before it attacks. The second, fighter-friendly way is to approach it from the left or right. Attack it for a bit, then when you see it charging an attack, run to other side and continue your assault. When it turns again, run away. Repeat. To do this tactic, you gotta be able to dash quickly.

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