Map 1-9H

Stage Select Name: Secret Forest
Map Name: Yuria's Help

Summary Edit

  • Stage Difficulty: 6/10
  • Boss Difficulty: 4/10
  • Party Requirement: 1~4
  • Time to Complete: 5~15 minutes
  • Record: 1:37 (7-21-09)
  • Requirements: Complete Stage 1-8 History (To Elf Village)

Plot Summary:

Monsters Edit

Monsters 1-9H

Enemies Health
Wolf 59
Hulking Sunflower 30
Leader Wolf 70
Spider 59
Red Spider 59
Goblin Fighter 59
Assistant Field Supervisor 255
Goblin Work Supervisor 305
Dark Elf Knight 129
Giant Spider 510




Guide Edit

1. The main objective of this stage is to protect Yuria. Head west, protecting her as you go. You will first be confronted by some wolves. Defeat them and continue moving west.

Wolf Group (1-9H)

2. Again, continue to protect Yuria. After the the wolves, you will be faced with spiders. Defeat them and move on.

Spider Group (1-9H)

3. Similarly to the last two steps, you will be confronted with goblins this time.

Goblin Group (1-9H)

4. Curving around the bend, and now heading north, you will have to fight two consecutive, fairly strong monsters. They act a lot like the Mad Goblin Warrior of Dark Force.

Tough Monster -2 (1-9H)

5. Finishing up those two monsters, you can continue heading north. You will then have your first encounter with the Dark Elves. Defeating them, head north to find the boss.

Dark Elf Knights (1-9H)

*Note: There are no secrets in this stage.


You've fought this boss before in 1-4 History as a mini-boss as well as in 1-8 History. Except now it got a promotion. This version of the Giant Spider just has more health and hits harder. Just use the strategy you used for fighting it earlier, and it'll die in no time. Its attacks are the same as before:

  • Spore Attack: The Giant Spider shoots spores out of its backside at a parabola trajectory (like an upside-down U) that has minor homing ability. Circle around the spider during this attack, striking occasionally.

Spore (1-9H)

  • Acid Ray: The spider charges a continuous ray that only shoots in the direction the spider is facing. Dodge it by dashing off to the side; if you are between his front legs during the charge dash out of there then off to the side.

Acid Ray (1-9H)

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