• Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: Healer is a must, unless you are over level 25.
  • Time to Complete: ~5-10 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:


  1. The first part of the stage involves four consecutive timed fights. You will have 1:30 minutes to clear each of these fights otherwise you fail the start. Just be careful to not get stuck. This stage has very narrow road. Multiple Pang Pang or Snowman can easily combo you.
  2. The fourth fight involves fighting a mammoth. It hits pretty hard melee, so it should be best fought with ranged attack. The mammoth also has a large AOE skill in which he’ll expand a spherical energy around itself. The range of this attack is quite large too, so it might take u by surprise.
  3. Afterward, it’s the puzzle area involving you running away from the avalanche. Along the way, there are some rocks to block you as well as some enemies that try to slow you down. You need to run quickly as the interval between avalanches is quite short. However, should you bee caught in an avalanche, just don’t rise again (by not pressing a button) otherwise you get hurt multiple times. Notice that you can destroy those brown stone but doing so is just asking for the avalanche to eat you...
  4. After the puzzle is more enemies, just do the usual and you should be fine.
  5. When you're done, stop and heal. The boss is immediately after.


Giant Snowman
Giant Snowman
Type: Boss
Speed: Normal
Attacks: Melee / Ranged

This Snowman is very annoying as he can cause status changes

Giant Snowman

1. Broom Whack
A whack on your head with his broom. Minimal damages that can freeze you.

2. Frosty Spin
Oh gosh, This one hurts so don’t ever get hit in it. The Giant Snowman starts spinning and everyone that get caught in it gets hit several times. The last hit is a Knockdown.

3. Snowballs Throw
The Giant Snowman will throw five small snowballs in front of him. These snowballs will slow your movement down so careful.

4. Mega Snowballs
The Giant Snowman will roll 3 giant snowballs in front of him. This attack cover massive range (just look at how big the balls are). These snowballs will knock you down as well as causing big damage!

Really, this is the time where you shouldn’t be too greedy. You have the time to get 3~4 hits on him. Don’t try to hit more or else you’ll just get bash around. You should always stay behind him. Even if you’re far away he can still hit u with his snowball.


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