• Difficulty: 3/10
  • Party Requirement: Any. But I suggest a team of four to speed things up.
  • Time to Complete: ~3-7 minutes
  • Record:
    • 3:05 (team)
  • Plot Summary:


  1. Kill the white wolves and break the rocks.
  2. A dialogue will occur between an Advanced Dark Elf Knight and Snow Girl. There’s nothing you can do here except to watch it. (Funny side note: All range skill will not hit the dark elf but you can cast ocean of fire to reduce his HP. Ocean of fire will not hit per se but will afflict the burn effect on the elf.)
  3. After the dialogue kill the snow girl.
  4. Now you need to save 9 Snow Girls from their prison. Notice that this is a non-linear map; meaning that which ever way you pick is fine so I suggest you split. Each of the orange dots on your mini-map represents a snow girl you need to save and monsters will spawn whenever you enter an area. You can save a Snow Girl by breaking the gate (See picture below). Also you don’t need to kill the monsters. As long as you break the gates, it is consider a save. Of course you might consider killing them because they hinder your job. Furthermore, you might also notice a stray purple dot in your mini-map. It’s the Advanced Dark Elf Assassin. They are actually the one killing the Snow Girl. I suggest you ignore them as they hurt a lot with their four hit combo. You should be able to save 9 before they kill more than 8 (there are 17 in total). When you’ve save 9, the stage immediately ends.


There is no boss for this stage.


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