• Difficulty: 3/10
  • Party Requirement: Anything goes
  • Time to Complete: ~10-15 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:



Snow Queen
Type: Boss
Speed: Normal
Attacks: Range

Despite her look. She’s quite deadly!

Snow Queen

  • Ice Barrier

A ice wall surrounds her causing all nearby enemies to be pushed back. Low damage output.

  • Ice Breath

Blow an icy breath from her mouth. The victim will freeze in place. High damage output.

  • Fox Throw

Throw the fox on her neck in front of her and hits several times (5-6 times) causing mega damage on the victim.

  • Icicle Rain

She has a huge delay in starting the icicle rain. When she actually does, she’ll start moving across the screen. Some icicle will fall from the sky where she passes as well as its surroundings. Will also cause slow effect on the target.

  • Snowflake Shower

She shoots six snow flakes towards 6 directions. If the snowflakes did not hit a target, if will be further broken down into 6 smaller snowflakes. This will also cause slow effect. Minimal damage output.

You’ll be chasing her around a lot. She’s doesn’t hurt that much. Only her ice breath and fox throw is to be feared. But then again the range is kind of short and has a delay in doing it. So basically hit her until she dies especially during the time when she cast icicle rain. You can pretty much take 1/6 of her hp if done correctly.

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