• Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: At least 2 party member.
  • Time to Complete: ~10-12 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:


1. Kill the gang of White Wolves and break the rock

2. You’ll see a Snow Girl getting chase down by Bear Hunter.

3. Don’t rush to the east yet. Wait a little bit (see screenshot for the location). When the snow girl reaches her queen a dialogue will start. Then a set of mobs spawn from the north path as well as the south. Kill those and go to the east.

4. You job now is to protect at least 20 snow girls in such a way that they can make to the east end (where the teleporter is). The monster will keep spawning from two locations. I suggest you to split up each guarding one side. I believe the north side is a little bit harder because dark elves spawn there. The south spawns Tame Bear. (see map below.)

5. After the snow girl escaped safely, the boss will spawn in the south with no chance of break in between.


Dark Elf Archer Captain
Img DarkElfArcherBoss
Type: Boss
Speed: Fast
Attacks: Ranged

Quite fast and long ranged. Has low HP though.

Dark Elf Archer Captain

  • Kick

A standard kick. Will do it only if you’re close.

  • Scatter Ray

Shoot several arrows at the same time. The arrow scatter over a big range in a somewhat unpredictable fashion. Does Medium range damage

  • Chain Reaction Array
  • Arrow Shower

Multiple arrows fall from the sky in an unpredictable manner. Explode when in contact. The victim will be throw very high as well as severe damage.
The arrows will also explode after a few seconds.

This boss can be juggle. Just push her to a wall and spam your attack. Don’t ever let her roam free otherwise be prepared to suffer pain!
Another solution would be to lead her to the snow queen. The snow Queen can kill her very quickly.


It seems to me that this stage can be won in two ways. First is to kill the boss. Second is when the Snow Queen reaches the far east end.
You don’t get the boss item box if you won with the second method though.


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