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Map Name: Ancient Maze


  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Party Requirement:
  • Time to Complete: ~8-17 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:


This place is not the least bit difficult.
The only hard part is probably the puzzle room (which will be explained later).

Alright, the puzzle room is an area where there are usually 4 (sometimes 3) portals.
Each located in the North, East, West, and South direction. The puzzles are about a clock twisted.

There are many ways to explain this, so I will explain my theory.

Think of each portal as the 12, 3, 6, and 9 hour on a clock.
So for instance, if it says it has been twisted clockwise 2 times,
Start from 12, and go clockwise 2 times, which leads to the 6 (south).
And the same for counter-clockwise.


Twisted 1 time clockwise - East
Twisted 2 times clockwise - South
Twisted 3 times clockwise - West
Twisted 4 times clockwise - North

Twisted 1 time counter-clockwise - West
Twisted 2 times counter-clockwise - South
Twisted 3 times counter-clockwise - East
Twisted 4 times counter-clockwise - North

NOTICE: There are a few bugged rooms my party mates and I have ran into. The tip we figured was that it is off by 1, so if your way is blocked, try going one more clockwise or counter-clockwise.


Blade Claw Lord
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Melee

Crappiest name evar!

Blade Claw Lord

1. Nightmare Flight
The Blade Claw Lord takes flight. Whoever that gets in its way with get hit several times. Only its horn can do damages. The wing don't.

2. Demonic Wing Combo
A three hit combo with its wing. A knockdown move.

3.Hell Fire
Closes its wing at first and then flaps them 3 times. Afterward, fires appear in front of him in a crescent moon shape. Although the fire might seem to appear at a distance, if you stand right in front of him, you’ll still get hit by the fire. Hits like an incredibly loaded truck (incredibly hard).

Another boss that you should employ hit and run tactic. Nightmare Flight and Demonic Wing Combo almost has no delay to start. He’ll usually rest afterward though so hit him a few time and run. When you see the Blade Claw Lord closing its wing, he’s going to do Hell Fire. Take this opportunity to spam your attacks. It’s gonna take him a while to cast it.


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