Stage-Select Name: Underground Gy
Map Name: Wired Enemy


  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Party Requirement: Whatever suits you.
  • Time to Complete: ~8-15 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:




1. Go down, you should see some enemies (Area A). Kill those and break the blocks in the right side of the area.

2. Proceed towards Area B and kill all enemies along the way.

3. Area B is a puzzle area. The Brown block with a sun picture on it can only be pushed. The Black one with the sun on it can be destroy and the white one with a key cannot be pushed nor destroy. You have to manage through the maze and hit the tower at the end. See picture below.


You can push thing this way.

Char Skill
Dainn AA(pause)AAS or Hand of Earth.

4. Now you need to go back to Area A. Kill all enemies along the way.

5. Section C should be open so go there.

6. Go through D which is another puzzle are similar to B to finally reach E. You’ll pass through a closed gate but ignore it for now. Kill all mobs in sector E. You might need to go back to B (through a gap in upper right corner of section D) to kill some mobs. This depends on the number of member in your party.

7. When done correctly, Eir should say that she heard a door open somewhere. Its the Closed gate in D.

8. Proceed towards F. Kill mobs. The room at your left and right should be accessible now. It doesn’t matter which you go first. You need to go in both.

9. Now healer and charge. The boss is down from central F area.


Evil Eye’s Master
Type: Boss
Speed: Normal
Attacks: Ranged

It’s a flying eyes! Woot!

Evil Eye’s Master

1. Eye Beam
Show a purple-ish beam from its eye. With cause 3 hit and each of the hit damages you a lot. Sounds godly but the start-up takes forever.

2. Eye Tackle
This attack has a very fast start-up. Moreover it knocks down and knock you very far. Though the damage is not that high.

3. Super Eye Beam?
This attack is almost instant, and shoots A LOT of eye beams in every direction in front of it. The good part is, it doesn't knock you down. However, it does bring your hp down to zero if your maxHP is low (700<).

Just go straight ahead and hit him with whatever you got. Or if you want a flawless victory, you might opt for a hit and run tactic. Whenever he stops, go in and attack. A good time to rush in would be when he uses eye beam.


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