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  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • Party Requirement: Healer and Wizard are recommended.
  • Time to Complete: ~5-15 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:




  1. Do the usual thing; kill the enemies and break the rocks.
  2. Continue killing enemies until you arrive at the puzzle area. (You’ll know you’re there when the game tells you to not step on the magic circles). At this point, one member of your party should traverse through the puzzle area (area A) and break the tower at the end. You will encounter some enemies along the way but just ignore them. Wait for the magic circle to disappear and then continue.
    1. Note: you might accidentally step on a magic circle. If you do, you should either run back towards the beginning or actually go out of your way to avoid the ice blocks. That is, of course, assuming you're not just rushing through the stage and not’t caring about lives.
  3. Area B is the same as Area A except the trap removes more HP.
  4. Area C is another "puzzle." You need to run through a corridor fill with some moai statures. You've met them before, but now they're spitting out freezing rays. Get pass them and kill the tower at the end within 1 minute. (Note: the game might say 45 second but the timer gives you 1 minute).
  5. When done, rest and prepare for the boss.


Hell’s Knight
Type: Boss
Speed: Fast
Attacks: Melee

This knight packs quite a punch! He does live up to his name!

Hell Knight

  1. Sword Tackle
    A tackle that is followed by a sword slash. It knocks you very far also deals massive damage. You can die from a single blow of this if you’re low level.
  2. Sword Combo
    A 3 hit sword combo. The last hit hurts the most.
  3. Skeleton Bomb
    He summons a red skull that explodes after a while. The range is big but does little damage.
  4. Starlight Assault
    The Hell Knight brings forth 5 starts in a pentagon shape that transforms into a shooting star. Each of the stars will go to a different direction. It also has some limited homing ability as well as high damage and knock down ability. Instead of running away from it, you should rush between two of the rays. Stage2-9bossattack

This knight hurts a lot. I doubt there’s much of you left after taking a hit from him. Most of his attacks has no delay whatsoever thus making him unpredictable. Hence, I suggest you keep yourself at a certain distance from him. If you have more than one partner, then you should attack him from different angle.


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