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  • Difficulty: 5/10
  • Party Requirement: Whatever suits you.
  • Time to Complete: ~8-15 minutes
  • Record: N/E
  • Plot Summary:




  1. Proceed toward area A by killing all the monsters along the way.
  2. When you reach area A, kill all the baby dragon and then go talk to the Good Stone Spirit. He’ll tell you to go through the east gate to get him a magic stone. Do so by going to area B and kill the High Grade Land Spirit. Just keep killing the monsters in Area B and the High Grade Land Spirit will spawn eventually
  3. Go back to the Good Stone Spirit. He’ll give you a second test. Depending on what he wants, kill the monster accordingly in Area C. For Example, if he wants a voucher of lava, then kill a lava. You’ll then be teleport to a place full of lava. Kill all the lava in that place. If you’ve made a mistake and killed the wrong monster, then you need to do this step once more.
  4. When done properly, a teleport should open next to the Good Stone Spirit. Take the teleport and prepare for the Boss.


Cobolt Assault Captain
Type: Boss
Speed: Slow
Attacks: Melee

He’s the slowest car ever! =3

Cobolt Assault Captain (A.k.a. Chariot)

  1. Crescent Scythe Stab
    Launch his scythe in forward. It has medium range and deals medium damages. It also kock you back quite far.
  2. Chariot Ram
    This usually follows the Crescent Scythe Stab; it literally rams his car on you. If you get stuck between a wall and this attack, then most likely you’ll die. Very high damage! Note: he can change the direction half way through the Ram. Beware!

It is very important to not let the boss reach point D. You’ll lose immediately if you do. However, since he’s very slow, you should have plenty of time. All of his time takes considerable time to launch (he’ll “fire up his car”), so run away when he does that and you should have no problem killing this boss.


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